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Xerox Phaser 7500dn Driver Printer Download for Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Win 8/ 8.1/ Win 10 (32bit – 64bit), Mac OS and Linux.

dn Driver Printer Download for Windows XP Xerox Phaser 7500dn Driver Printer Download
Xerox Phaser 7500dn

Xerox Phaser 7500dn is just one of four models that differ primarily with their paper handling capacities. The others are : the Xerox Phaser 7500 / N ($2, 999. 99 direct ), having a 600-sheet input capacity and no duplexer (the 7500 / DN adds the duplexer ) ; the Phaser 7500 / DT ($3, 799. 99 direct ), which adds a further 500-sheet tray ; and also the Phaser 7500 / DX ($4, 999. 99 direct ), which adds an internal hard drive plus some three 500-sheet trays, for any total 2100-sheet capacity.

You may also buy any from the lesser models after which add the hard disk ($499 direct ), the duplexer ($399 direct ), and much more trays (at $596 direct for the one 500-sheet tray or $1199 to the three-tray unit ). The models are identical otherwise, so all of the comments during this review refer to all four. All four also include a single year on-site warranty and Xerox’s total satisfaction guarantee, which promises that in case the printer Isn‘t performing the way in which you‘d reasonably expect it to while still under warranty, Xerox will either repair it to create it as much as spec or replace it having a new printer or comparable model.

Xerox Phaser 7500dn Color by Words

Now onto the interesting part : the natural language color control that Xerox calls Color By Words. Adjusting color for printer output has always been much harder than it ought to be. The issue is that printers define colors by the quantity of each primary color they use—cyan, yellow, and magenta. People that work with color plenty eventually learn through trial and error how to repair color problems by adding or subtracting some mixture of the main colors, but that is not how people naturally take into consideration color.

The majority of folks will look into an image and notice a tint or notice the grass does not look green enough or that the photo they took on the bright day looks such as the sky was overcast. What Xerox has done usually is to think of a method to map those intuitive descriptions to alterations in cyan, yellow, and magenta levels. With Color By Words, in case you do not like the colors you observe upon the page, you are able to open the driver and produce changes by picking given by a series of drop down menus.

The menus let you define adjustments as easy as green colors slightly more green and also as conceptually complex as all colors except skin tone colors considerably more zippy. (Really. Zippy is inside the drop down list like a quality you are able to increase or decrease, right together with colorful, cloudy, foggy, bright, sedate, strong, and sunny. Less surprising choices include blue, brown, pink, purple, and red. )

You may also define multiple adjustments, so that you could, for instance, pair very light sky-blue colors much more blue with foliage-green colors slightly less dark. I am going to return to how well Color By Words works when I discuss my test results, but I am going to mention here that the entire process of picking coming from the menus has no learning curve, and also the choices upon the drop down list are almost entirely self-explanatory.

The hardest part about establishing the Phaser 7500 / DN is finding enough flat space for it and moving it into place. The printer measures 15. 7 by 25. 2 by 26. 2 inches (HWD ) and it also tips the scale at 145 pounds. It is actually a relative lightweight among tabloid-size color laser printers, however. It is much lighter compared to the Editors’ Choice Ricoh Aficio CL7200D, at 213 pounds, for instance.

Once you‘ve got rounded up enough others to move the printer, the particular setup is straightforward. It consists essentially of removing the packing materials, loading paper, plugging in the ability cord and cables, after which running Xerox’s automated installation routine from disc. I installed the 7500 / DN on the network, employing a Windows Vista system. Consistent with Xerox, additionally has drivers for Windows 2000, XP, Windows Server 2003, and Mac OS X 10. 3 and above. Additionally, you are able to download drivers for Windows Server 2008 as well as for several flavors of both Unix and Linux from Xerox’s Website.

As I have already suggested, the 7500 / DN offers reasonably fast speed. It is rated at 35 pages per minute (ppm ) for both color and monochrome, which translated to some 7 minute 54 second total on our business applications suite (timed using QualityLogic’s hardware and software, www. qualitylogic. com ). That will make it slightly slower compared to the CL7200D, at 7 : 19. However, it was eventually much faster compared to the CL7200D for photos, averaging 18 seconds for any 4 by 6 and 25 seconds for the 8 by 10.

Xerox Phaser 7500dn Output Quality

The 7500 / DN’s output quality is its strongest point. Text is simply a half step below the very best available, with over fifty percent the fonts in your tests qualifying as both easily readable and well formed at 5 points, some passing at 4 points, and none, including heavily stylized fonts with thick strokes, needing greater than 8 points. Unfortunately, Times New Roman is among the fonts that needed 8 points, because of the character spacing issue at smaller font sizes. Owning a issue with this type of common font could possibly be a masalah for some offices that require small font sizes. Most offices, however, should find the printer can handle any text they throw at it.

I saw no flaws worth mentioning in your graphic tests. The quality is without question inside the top tier for color lasers, easily good enough for just about any business need, and good enough even for any graphics professional to think about using for selesai output visiting clients. Photo quality, similarly, can be as good as I have seen for any color laser on plain paper, also which makes it suitable enough for just about any business need.

This mixture of top quality text, graphics, and photos is sufficient to let you print professional looking marketing materials on a single printer you should use for standard office output. It helps too the printer can handle paper sizes starting from 3 by 3 inches to 13 by 18 inches, along with banner format as much as 12. 6 by 47. 2 inches.

Albeit I did not see any problems using the colors that printed naturally inside my tests, I designed a point of reprinting some photos by using the Color By Words feature. I particularly wanted to discover whether I’d obtain the results I expected given by a given command without having to undergo a learning process to see what the various commands actually did.

I found basically no learning curve. When I told the driver to print with moderately less pink or slightly less green, the outcomes were pretty much what I expected. I even made an outdoor photo look adore it was taken on the bright day by telling the printer in order to make the photo more sunny. Xerox could result in the feature better still by including an on-screen preview feature, but even the way in which it stands, Color By Words offers a strong, surprisingly simple to use tool for adjusting colors.

The Phaser 7500 / DN is simple to recommend and could be an Editors’ Choice (replacing the Ricoh CL7200D ) just depending on its mixture of price, speed, and output quality. The Color By Words feature is that the proverbial icing upon the cake, which makes it simple to tweak the colour and making your output look exactly right. If you want a quick, super-tabloid size color laser, and demand top quality output, the 7500 / DN sets the kafetaria to a merk new high that others will need to beat.

Xerox Phaser 7500dn Driver Printer Download:

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  • Mac OS X Print Driver Installer Package 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 : download

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